TurboShear Automotive – 16 Gauge Metal Cutting Drill Attachment

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Makes your power drill a powerful metal-cutting shear, instantly! Superior performance at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated electric power shear.

Step up to heavy-duty metal-cutting performance with a 16-gauge (1.52 mm) capacity TurboShear from Malco Products. The Model TSA1 TurboShear Drill Attachment makes a power drill a powerful metal-cutting shear, instantlyCutting applications in automotive grade sheet steel include trunk pans and floor boards. Clearance between the shear’s cutting inserts may be adjusted for optimal performance within a range of 16 to 26-gauge (1.52 to 0.46 mm) automotive steel. A helical (spiral) shaped foot permits easy left, right or straight cutting action. And a 5-position 0 to 90 degree (0, 22.5, 45, 67.5 and 90) adjustable head angle makes this TurboShear exceptionally maneuverable for cuts through profiles and into tight spaces.

The model TSA1 attachment option is an ideal accessory for cordless drills and features an aluminum shear head and telescoping drill clamp for sure one-handed control. The aluminum cast head also offers an additional safe gripping area when needed. The compact molded polymer clamp ensures operational ease by adjusting for both length and width of any drill housing, including smaller bodied lithium-ion battery powered units.

Long-life, 4-sided, carbon steel cutting inserts are designed to be periodically rotated together to maximise service life before replacement. Insert cutting life is rated at 1,200-ft (365.76 m), at a minimum, in maximum capacity 16-gauge (1.52 mm) steel using all four edges of the cutting inserts. Cutting life of inserts increases dramatically when averaged over cutting applications in a variety of steel thicknesses from 16 to 26-gauge (1.52 to 0.46 mm). Cutting inserts are accessible without disassembly of the shear head casings and are easily replaced on the job.